Hoʻokūkū Hīmeni
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  • About the Song
  • Awards
    • Charles E. King Cup
      Best co-ed performance
    • Richard Lyman, Jr. ʻŌlelo Makuahine Award
      Best use of the Hawaiian language
      Tie with Freshman Coed
    • Louise Aʻoe McGregor Award
      Outstanding student directorship
      Tie with Junior Coed
  • Also performed by...
    Class Year Song
    2022 Senior Men
    Pehea Hoʻi Au
    1999 Sophomore Men
    Pehea Hoʻi Au
    1982 Senior Coed
    Pehea Hoʻi Au
    1972 Sophomore Men
    Pehea Hoʻi Au
    1968 Junior Men
  • Lyrics

    Pehea ho‘i au i tāu ‘ite mai lā
    ‘Ite mai lā ‘eā, ‘eā, ‘eā

    Ma ‘ane‘i, ma ‘ane‘i mai ‘oe
    Pumehana, pumehana tāua
    Ma ‘ane‘i mai ‘oe pumehana
    A pumehana ho‘i tāua ‘eā ‘eā ‘eā

    A i ‘ike ‘oe ia mea he aloha lā
    Taomi mālie, taomi mālie
    Taomi mālie ‘oe ‘eā ‘eā ‘eā

    Aia nō me ‘oe ka ‘ano‘i pau ‘ole
    A nei pu‘uwai e ‘oni mau nei
    E ‘oni mau nei, ‘eā ‘eā ‘eā

    Source: Song Contest 2022 Lyrics

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