Hoʻokūkū Hīmeni
Year Co-ed Men Women
Senior Song Contest 1975
Junior Song Contest 1974
Sophomore Song Contest 1973
Freshman Song Contest 1972 Freshmen do not compete. Freshmen do not compete.
Notable Classmates

The following members of the Class of 1975 have served as Song Contest directors, judges, composers, or arrangers. Click a name for more details.

Name Roles
Bonnie Panui Director
Charles Padua Director
Kapala Novikoff Director
Keith Ikaia-Purdy Judge
Keith Kalani Akana Judge
Loretta Chai Director
Philip Swain Director
Reiko Fukino Director
Richard Kamanu Director, Judge
Samuel Kaauwai Director, Judge

Please note that this may not be an exhaustive list.

Awards Won
Award Winning Song
Women Junior Women
Director Reiko Fukino (Junior Women)
Samuel Kaʻauwai (Senior Men)
Reiko Fukino (Senior Women)