Hoʻokūkū Hīmeni
Class Co-ed Men Women
Seniors Class of 2006
Lei Kiele
Holo Waʻapā
Juniors Class of 2007
Aloha Nō
Pōhai Ke Aloha
Sophomores Class of 2008
Ipo Hula
Freshmen Class of 2009 Freshmen do not compete. Freshmen do not compete.
About the Contest
  • March 17, 2006
  • 86th* Annual Song Contest
  • Contest Theme
    The Music of Lena Machado
  • Hōʻike Theme
    Lena Machado, Songbird of Hawaiʻi

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Award Winner
Men Seniors
Women Seniors
Co-ed Freshmen
Director Jessica Cabral (Junior Women)
Language Tie
Freshman Coed, Sophomore Coed
Music Freshman Coed

* From at least the 1960s to 2006, Song Contest numbering was off by 2 years. The 2006 Contest was billed as the "84th Annual", but because the first Song Contest was held in 1921, it should have been the 86th. The numbering was eventually corrected in 2007, and Hoʻokūkū Hīmeni has retroactively applied these corrections to past contests. However, you will see the old, incorrect numbering used in Song Contest publicity materials until 2006.


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Competition Order

The women's competition was held first, followed by the men's, and then the co-ed.

Order Women Men Co-ed
1st Sophomores Juniors Juniors
2nd Seniors Sophomores Freshmen
3rd Juniors Seniors Sophomores
4th Seniors

Song Contest 2006 - Hōʻike

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